Palin? Really? Seriously?

August 29, 2008

Well, Mr. McCain, I must first commend you on running your campaign straight out of the Karl Rove playbook, stealing Obama’s post-DNC headlines with your VP announcement and taking a woman to grab the disgruntled Hillary voters.

That said, you’ve picked an interesting candidate.

And by interesting, I mean bad.

So, you have this thing, Mr. McCain — that Obama is unready to lead. An interesting contention. I disagree. Regardless of your opinion on that particular matter, you — a 72-year-old man who runs a risk of dying in office — have chosen a 44-year-old (that’s three years younger than Barack Obama) with a whole two years of experience as the governor of Alaska to be your vice presidential candidate. Is SHE ready to be president if she has to step in for you? Really?

And to take someone with her record — pro-creationism in schools, pro-drilling in ANWAR, married to a man who works for British Petrol — and tell us you’re bringing us a Washington outsider?

She may be outside Washington, but all her ideas sound like they’re already inside Washington.

You used to be “the maverick,” Johnny, but now you’re just a sad, forgetful old man who’ll do whatever his advisors tell him in order to win.