New McCain campaign strategy: “Joe (blank)”

October 15, 2008

First there was Sarah Palin with “Joe Sixpack,” an apparently extraordinarily fit ordinary American.

Now it’s John McCain with “Joe the Plumber,” who I guess from what was said is really wealthy, but John McCain really doesn’t want to let you figure that out.

It is absolutely laughable for John McCain to blast Barack Obama for negative campaigning, considering that I have NEVER, NOT ONE TIME seen a positive campaign ad put out by John McCain, and I’ve seen a lot of them. The “negative” ads that Obama puts out criticize McCain’s stances on issues such as healthcare and taxation. The McCain ads consistently assault Obama’s character.

John McCain is a stone-cold hypocrite, and that’s something that any Joe Sixpack should be able to see.


One Response to “New McCain campaign strategy: “Joe (blank)””

  1. WM said

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