Republican Lie of the Day.

September 26, 2008

You know, I like the concept of the Republican lie of the day so much that I might just start another blog for that alone. 

To the point: John McCain has already won tonight’s debate.

No, really. Seriously. They already posted an ad that said McCain won a debate that hasn’t happened yet — a debate he didn’t even want to participate in (ostensibly because he wanted to work on a bailout solution, but more likely because he wants to avoid debates that aren’t in the town hall format). Oh, and it hasn’t happened yet.

I’m toying with the idea of live-blogging the debate, just because it promises to be just as damaging to the McCain campaign as Palin’s interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric were. 

Did you (yeah, you!) see Palin with Couric? Oh, boy, it was painful to watch. The fact (if it’s actually a fact) that the Russians would fly over Alaskan airspace if they decided to run combat missions in the United States and the fact that Alaska is next to Canada — these are, Sarah Palin feels, really legitimate foreign policy credentials.

The point: The McCain campaign will say anything, regardless of whether it’s provably or even possibly true.

When Barack Obama said, “They must think you’re stupid,” boy was he right.


One Response to “Republican Lie of the Day.”

  1. Dooreatoe said

    Keep posting, I’m reading! :P

    I missed the VP debate tonight, but I have it recorded. I hope it’s as good as the media hyped it up to be.


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