There’s just something about the presidency that brings out the dirtbags.

August 27, 2008

And John McCain is still a dirtbag.

Not since George Bush swift boated John McCain in 2000 have I seen a politician stoop to the depths that McCain has in this campaign.

The senator from Arizona is duping the American people into forgetting that he is a liar who has turned on every principle he used to have in the course of this campaign.

Here’s what Mr. McCain said on video after becoming the presumptive Republican nominee:

“The one thing I in all my travels hear, Americans want a respectful campaign. They want it.  Now, people say negative ads move numbers. They may. But do we have to go to the lowest common denominator? I don’t think so.”

And this: “You know, I respect Senator Obama and I admire his success and I will conduct a respectful campaign.”

Ah, yes, the straight-talk express, now making a stop at Doubletalk Ave. Next stop: Rove Street!

But anyone familiar with John McCain knows how he’s lied and lied and lied to get where he is today.

Yep, John McCain will say just about anything, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s true. In the latter video, he contradicts himself on gay marriage within the span of 11 minutes.

Watch these videos.

Watch them, and cry.

This man is running for president of your country. Worse yet, some people think he’s actually qualified for the job.

What’s an issue you like? I know an issue I like. It’s offshore drilling. Let’s see what McCain had to say about oil company profits and alternative energy at a June 2007 Republican debate:

MR. BLITZER: Senator McCain, do you have a problem at this time with these oil companies making these huge profits?

SEN. MCCAIN: Sure, I think we all do. And they ought to be reinvesting it. And one of the areas that they ought to be involved in is nuclear power. Nuclear power is safe, nuclear power is green — does not green — emit greenhouse gases. Nuclear power is used on Navy ships which have sailed around the world for 60 years without an accident. And of course we ought to be investing in alternate energy sources.

Recently there was a group of retired military officers who said that climate change an energy independence is a national security issue. It is. We’ve got to reduce our dependence on imported oil. We can do it through a wide variety of alternative fuels. But we have to be serious about it, and we’re going to have to go places where we have never gone before. And nuclear power is one of the major issues, but also all kinds of ethanol as well, so.

Anyone notice what he doesn’t mention? At all?

That’s right. No offshore drilling. Why? Is it because sometime between the middle of last year and now someone was like, “Well, gee golly gosh, we can drill offshore, can’t we?” You know and I know that’s not what happened. What happened is that John McCain was all about alternative energy sources — even nuclear power, which some people are afraid of but I personally support — and offshore drilling did not count as “places where we have never gone before.” He didn’t even consider it.

The fact of the matter is that offshore drilling is yet another issue that has been invented, made from whole cloth by the Republican propaganda machine, and McCain’s using it to slam Obama in a disgusting attack ad campaign that he stated — repeatedly — he would never engage in.

Obama needs to fight back. It’s well and good to play the nice guy, but in American politics, nice guys finish last. Look at Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel. They weren’t willing to play the game like Obama is. Well, if you’re Obama, you can’t play the game halfway. He’s going to come after you with negative ads, and unless you come back with ads that expose McCain for the sort of man he is, he’s going to beat you. There’ll be plenty of time for you to be the bigger man and take the high road when you’re the president, Barack. For now, you need to not just show America that you’re a good candidate — and you certainly are — but also that your opponent is a bad candidate. In fact, I’d say there might never have been a worse candidate, but Bush still takes that particular cake.

John McCain is a liar and an outright villain, and you, Barack, are the only thing standing between him and the presidency.

Step up.


One Response to “There’s just something about the presidency that brings out the dirtbags.”

  1. batguano101 said

    Bush swiftboated a Democrat.

    McCain “Clintoned” a Democrat.

    I think knee capping from inside the DNC using the Clintons was the best dirty trick ever done for the Republicans.

    Hide and watch.

    Just as “swiftboated” entered the lexicon so will “Clintoned”.

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