I Think the McCain Campaign Is Just Dumb

August 13, 2008

John McCain’s campaign, fresh off putting out yet another idiotic ad that criticizes Barack Obama for being too popular (as though that’s not the goal of every politician, ever), was forced (I guess) to put out a response today to Mike Myers objecting to usage of footage from “Wayne’s World” — you know, the whole “We’re not worthy!” shtick.

Here’s what ol’ (real ol’) Johnny M’s campaign had to say:

Obama’s celebrity friends are bringing their considerable resources to bear in this election, hosting fundraisers at their estates in Geneva, offering advice on Middle East policy, and now threatening this campaign with legal action over our latest ad, “Fan Club.” The ad features kids talking about how “dreamy” Senator Obama is, how he brought a crowd to Taco Bell despite inclement weather, and how he is no less of an international superstar than U2 frontman Bono. Unfortunately, the final clip of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey doing their ‘we’re not worthy’ bit from Wayne’s World has spurred a celebrity backlash. Myers had his people call the campaign to demand that the video be removed from YouTube for copyright violation. Apparently, we are not, in fact, worthy.

Let’s just take a moment to hash this out.

The McCain campaign creates yet another nasty, sarcastic attack ad that takes aim at Obama supporters (you know… the American people) almost more than at Obama himself. The campaign uses, without authorization, footage of Mike Myers (not a McCain supporter according to anything I have heard), and Mike Myers says, hey, I don’t really want to have footage of myself in an ad for a candidate I don’t support. Somehow, the McCain campaign turns that into Myers “bringing [his] considerable resources to bear.”


So if, for example, Planned Parenthood decided to run a pro-abortion ad, and they used old footage of John McCain saying something to the effect of “we have to do what’s right for our families” in some totally different context, you (that is, the McCain campaign) are telling me that you would have nothing to say about it. You’d just let that ad run, making it look like you support something that you’re actually against.

Of course you wouldn’t. You’d be all over that. You’d cry nice and loud about how this election would be way fairer if people didn’t put words in your mouth, and how Planned Parenthood used this footage irresponsibly.

The McCain campaign at this point is just insanely out of touch with the American people — not to mention with reality.

But I’ll give them one thing: The statement they put out has one thing in it that’s absolutely true.

They’re not worthy.


3 Responses to “I Think the McCain Campaign Is Just Dumb”

  1. Ryan said

    Maybe McCain is trying to go for the indie political scene vote?

  2. Ryan said


  3. JD said

    Andrew, well said, but my view is a little different. Though McCain’s statement that he’s merely trying to inject humor into the campaign rings hollow, I have found the ads to be pretty funny, especially the Fan Club one. Then again, I’ve already made up my mind and whether or not a candidate is dreamy or hangs out with celebrities (dare I say. the Hollywood elite) has nothing to do with it. That said, it’s not people like me who are going to decide this election anyway. Or people like you for that matter.

    Not that his instincts have been particularly good for most of this election cycle, but I have to agree with Mark Penn’s assessment of the ads as doing their job by effectively sparking debate about whether voters associate Obama with mere celebrity or with substance. Obama’s walking a fine line on this one. The gushing by supporters and in many cases the press turns a lot of people off. Keep in mind these ads are coming at a time when nearly half of Americans are saying they are tired of hearing about Obama already and these ads reinforce that.

    He’s popular, sure, but ask the girl who loves his soft eyes to name 2 things Obama’s accomplished while in the Senate and what do you think she’d say? That’s why the ads are effective on some level. In my opinion, if they were merely childish and out of touch, the reaction agaist them would not be so loud. The vast majority of voters don’t go to out to see the candidates. Generally only the stong supporters (and fans, if you will) do. You can fill a stadium to accept a nomination and that’s great to be able to draw a big crowd, but to many of us at home, it’s just going to look obnoxious. No one else feels the need to accept outside the convention hall. After all, ultimately he is a candidate and not, in fact, a rock star.

    The response by Mike Myers is a blessing to McCain. Not only is McCain being “attacked” by the Hollywood elite (the fact that the campaign didn’t have permission to use the footage is almost irrelevant), but who are we kidding? Any way John McCain can enter into the conversation is good for him at this point.

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