Might as well throw some disgruntled atheism up here.

July 15, 2008

So I’m watching the 2008 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, as some baseball fans do, and I can’t help but notice that not only did they have someone sing God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch, they additionally felt the need to televise it. Thanks, Fox. I’m glad I can always rely on you to remind me that you think this is a Christian nation.

I really don’t know what god has to do with America or baseball. What exactly has everyone in America convinced that we’re the chosen ones, that our nation is destined for domination? Has no one in this country read a history book? Countless nations have been convinced of their manifest destiny to rule everything and be the most badass country in the history of countries, and yet — shocker! — none of them have turned out to be that, because power and world domination are cyclical. Though nuclear weapons do help. But that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? It’s not god who gave America nukes — and if it was, that’s no god I’d want to worship. People make their own beds. It’s people who hit baseballs, not gods. People also somehow manage to catch touchdown passes in football without Jesus helping them out in the slightest bit. Why would you thank god for catching that pass? The guy who failed at defending you isn’t going around cursing god for abandoning him.

Why would any god care to favor one sports team or player over another? Why would god care to favor America over any other nation? Singing “God Bless America,” particularly in a sport like baseball that has so many international players, is tantamount to saying, “Screw everyone else, only America is important.” But this country is so saturated with Christianity that no one speaks up for the one group that catches more flak than absolutely any other in this country, the one group whose rights NO non-members care about. No, it’s not gay people. Not black people. Keep guessing. Nope, not women. Not immigrants. What was that? What did you say? Did you say atheists? Why, that’s absolutely correct!

This country is absolutely in love with itself, and it is tearing itself apart before our eyes.

And that is what I’m thinking as I watch the 2008 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.


6 Responses to “Might as well throw some disgruntled atheism up here.”

  1. Lolcano said

    Great post.

  2. Ryan said

    I am going to sing God Bless Andrew at your funeral while waving a US flag and wearing a shirt with an eagle on it.

  3. xero_bebop said

    America is a Christian founded nation. Fox is a conservative network. If you honestly expect anything more, then it is to no one’s fault but your own that you are disappointed.
    Why is it that you would think that we (atheists) would be getting any support from anyone that is not an atheist? That leaves… well… the theists. I somehow doubt that a theist will go against what they see as the infallible word of god to throw us a bone. To fight for our “rights” (saying this as if we lack any, except apparently the right to watch baseball without having a meltdown) in the eyes of a theist would be to fight against their own, which is completely valid since most of us are typing away at blogs talking about the man (theocracy) getting us down, and how we should rid the world of it immediately so that, I suppose, we’re more comfortable with baseball… something along those lines…
    This really does strike me as the type of exaggeration that Sam Harris would use to sell books, just because they sing a song with “god” in it doesn’t make him any more real, but that’s not the point. They’re believing what they’d like, who are you to say they shouldn’t be able to express that in any way that you can? By ways in which you obviously would not hesitate to use if it were at your disposal?

    Disgruntled may have been the best word to describe it.

  4. Andrew said


    There are plenty of gay-rights activists who aren’t gay, black-rights activists who aren’t black, etc.

    Of course America is a relatively free nation, as it goes, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for improvement — and it certainly doesn’t mean that atheists aren’t being silenced by The Man, so to speak.

    Why is it exaggeration? I’m just pointing out one sign of our society’s Jesus infatuation as emblematic of our society’s Jesus infatuation, which obviously exists.

  5. deanna said

    in response to Ryan’s post of “singing at Andrew’s funeral”:
    what is the point of answering any post, whether you agree or disagree, if not to have an intelligent conversation?

    Do you understand that concept of “singing or dancing on one’s funeral” is dual wish of two parties that disagree and it only perpetuates unending struggle where there are never any winners?

    Watch Kingdom of Heaven (message is “if this is the kingdom of God, let God deal with it” – no point dying for in vain for cause that cannot prevail! & there is no other dying for such causes but in vain!).

    Also, watch The Kingdom (message is on both sides: “do not worry, we will kill them all” – no, it will be perpetual struggle, death, and mayhem & NOBODY WILL WIN!).

    I see 3 issues that must be addressed and need attention from all of you agreeing & disagreeing w/Andrew:
    1. Energy: If we do not address environmental and energy impact of current policies (I do not care if democrats or republicans are blamed!), there will be no future for this or future generations
    2. Freedom: Everyone must be concerned that VA’s 4th Circuit Court reversed the decision that “President cannot issue order to hold a civilian – if it wanted to prosecute, government must do it in civilian court system.” As we stand now, this reversal is a precedent that allows to detain a person designated an enemy combatant, ANY person, US citizen or not, REGARDLESS that such can be “person has never been affiliated w/an enemy nation, fought alongside any nation’s armed forces, or borne arms against US anywhere in the world!” If I was cynical, I would say that this applies to Ryan if Andrew should become a President. Joke is on us: they [terrorists] hate us for our freedoms so our government is taking them [freedoms] away!
    3. Disinformation: routine abuse by White House, entire administration, and perpetuated in media by FOX and others can not be tolerated least people [too busy struggling w/the daily chores to survive] fail to check facts and draw conclusions. We had countless hours of coverage on rev Wright from FOX to CNN, but barely touched on the most important fact of the McCain/Gramm or McCain/Fiorina associations that can demonstrate clearly how inept McCain is. Gramm’s UBS and Fiorina’s HP experience is as much to be proud of as McCain’s placement in US Naval Academy – bottom, very bottom performers with lack of vision and execution!

    Answer this: do you really think another ill educated and thoughtless (if not forgetful) person is suitable to be President of US at this time?

    Why would anyone think McCain is better suitable to be Commander in Chief? Exactly what in being shot down, captured, and tortured demonstrates you, quoting McCain, “can win wars” ?

    McCain has sold his soul to Bush’s administration and in the course of this lost my vote and should lose yours.

    Hoping for thoughtful and smart responses

  6. Gerry said

    I don’t feel a need for support as an athiest. I am free! I freely choose to be a good person. I freely choose to not screw over my fellow man. I have no fear of god or hell. I do not worship a seemingly maniacle omnipotent supernatural being bent on punishing his beleivers for not doing exactly what he says. I am not bound to ignorance and am actually allowed to believe that the world is billions of years old. I share an office with a fundamentalist born again christian who runs an ebay business from his government PC gouging people for hard to find merchandise (Wii Fit is this week’s special) and spouting off such words of wisdom as “Show me a good looking black woman and I’ll show you her white grandfather”. I leave work everyday feeling pretty damn validated.

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